When They Say “I do,” Should You Bring the Kids, Too?

Choosing whether or not to invite children to your wedding can be an emotionally charged deliberation between you, your partner, immediate family, and guests attending your wedding. Ultimately, whatever you and your partner decide needs to be politely yet firmly expressed to those attending the wedding.

Whatever your decision, Sitter Scout can help!

We tailor our services to your unique needs and can accommodate any scenario. Several possibilities exist, but are not limited to:

  1. Children are invited, but will be in a designated child care room during the ceremony and most of the reception. Sitter Scout will set up a kids V.I.P. room where parents can drop their kids off prior to the ceremony and can sign them back out as needed.  The professional child care staff of Sitter Scout will set up activities to keep the little ones entertained while parents enjoy the ceremony and reception without any disturbances! A separate kids buffet and desert bar can be set up here as well.

  2. Children are invited, and can attend the ceremony and reception: Sitter Scout can hand out activity bags that include coloring books, stickers, magnetic game boards, and child friendly snacks. If, during the ceremony, children become upset or their attention span has reached their limits, our staff can escort the children to the kids V.I.P room where they can be reunited with their family after the ceremony. Our nannies will also be on hand to help with the reception.

  3. Children are not invited: Sitter Scout can care for your guest’s children in their home, or in their hotel room. We suggest providing guests with children information on our services well in advance of the event so they can plan accordingly. You can call them directly, or you can
    include information with your invitation, as well as on your wedding website.

Many other possibilities exist. We are happy to discuss your particular needs and look forward to helping you achieve your vis